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第一段开头句:The people in Ciji are ordinary people.
第二段开头句:Many people know that Ciji is an .
第三段开头句:I like my life very much, because I can do lots of thing with my .

The people in Ciji are ordinary people, but they have done a job.
Ciji started as a group of 30 , who saved a small of each day and has grown to have more than 4.5 million members .
Many people know that Ciji is an that focuses on service and , in the areas of , , and .
It conducts its via an network of volunteers.
It has many sub-organizations around the world.
They help to build many and schools worldwide, from to universities and medical schools.
8654a cm金沙误乐 I hope someday I can be a member of Ciji too.

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