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编辑点评: 作文的写作靠的是同学们平时点点滴滴的积累,而英语作文则更是如此,小编特意为同学们整理了小学英语作文系列,并配以英文原声音频,供大家学习诵读。


第一段开头句:I have no other wish to be an English teacher.
第二段开头句:There is why I want to be an English teacher.
第三段开头句:Now I am the English teacher's aide in my class.

I have no other wish except to be an English teacher.This is the only dream I have because I think being an English teacher is very cool.I can speak to foreign people smoothly and read English books and easily.I can see English movies and some albums without titles.

There is another reason why I want to be an English teacher.My first English teacher was Mr.Gao in my primary school.I never went to an English class before in primary school so I was not as good as my classmates.But he always encourage me and helps me a lot.He always smiled at me and said,"Don't worry.I believe you can be better."So every time when I am too lazy to study English I remember what he said to me and keep on studying.

Now I am the English teacher's aide in my class.I love English and I love to teach my classmates,too.I always encourage my classmates and say,"Don't worry.I believe you can be better."just like Mr.Gao always said to me.I think with this perfect model I will be an English teacher in the future. Wish me luck!

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