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一年级英语作文范文:A Terrible Day

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编辑点评: 怎样提高自己的英语写作能力一直是大家所烦恼的一个问题,只有不断练习才会有进步。小编为大家提供了一年级英语作文范文:A Terrible Day,希望大家阅读愉快。

8654a cm金沙误乐 Today is cloudy.There was much black cloud on the sky this morrning.The sky looked very dark.I walked home from the youth centre.While I nearly arrived home,I felt few rain on my head.I looked up but couldn't see anything unusual.Then a minute later,a heavy rain rained on my body suddenly .It rained at that moment. so I must run home in the rain!


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